Blue Christmas!
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graphic of children opening a gift under tree and a present with a bow. Please help us to put joy in the hearts of needy children within the Edgewood School District!! Bring in a NEW unwrapped toy to any Edgewood High School Basketball Game. Place the gift under the Christmas tree located in the lobby by the gym or you can drop them off at the Athletic Office at the high school, or at the Board Office. Ages: Toddler through Middle School. All gifts must be received no later than December 21, 2023. Thank you for helping brighten a child’s holiday. For details call 513-867-3400 Ext. 2108 or Email –
Edgewood City School District's Tuesday's Tip!
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Missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence..png
Dear Edgewood Community, Due to a scheduling conflict, the Community Focus Group planned for Thursday evening December 7th will be postponed until Monday, December 11th. We will meet at Edgewood High School’s Heritage Hall from 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM. Thank you.
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Dear Edgewood Community, Please use the link below to view the Parent Notification Letter from Superintendent Spivey sent today, Dec. 3, 2023. Thank you.
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Dear Edgewood Community, Please see the link to the communication from Superintendent Spivey. Thank you. Letter from Superintendent Spivey:
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Dear Edgewood Community, Attached are the links for the Notification Letter concerning the loss of a member of the Edgewood Community sent out 12-1-23 by Superintendent Spivey and a link to a Community Resource Page. Thank you. Notification Letter Community Resource Page
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a list of community resources, please call 513-867-3400 for a copy
Tuesday Tip Do You Know….The History of the Edgewood City Schools? The Edgewood City School District was formed in 1970 and began operations in coordination with the opening of Edgewood High School. The district is the result of the consolidation of three adjacent school districts. Those being Wayne Townships Schools (formerly Jacksonburg Schools), Seven Mile Schools, and Trenton Schools, each rich in their own histories. The Jacksonburg School District was founded in 1870 and consisted of up to 10 separate school buildings at one time or another during its history. A number of these small schools are still standing and can be seen throughout the Wayne Township area. The Jacksonburg District’s last operating school came to be known as the Wayne Township School. This building became Wayne Elementary as part of the Edgewood District and remained in operation until 1987. The second district involved in the 1970 consolidation was the Seven Mile School District. Records indicate a Seven Mile School was in existence as early as 1830, but the first formal commencement was not held until 1896, with a graduation class of three. Seven Mile High School was home to the first electrically lit football field in Butler County back in 1947. In 1960, Seven Mile High School and Wayne Township School consolidated and they collectively became known as the Shiloh School District. The junior and senior high school students from both former districts attended Seven Mile School, while the grade school children used the Wayne building. The third partner in the Edgewood District triad, Trenton, began back in 1827. The first one-room log schoolhouse was located just north of the State and Miami Streets intersection. As Trenton grew, a second separate school district evolved for Trenton’s south side. The northern Trenton District was District #9 and the southern district (south of State Street) was District #10. In the fall of 1928, the two merged into one district. In 1937, the Busenbark Special School District was also transferred to the Trenton Schools. The Trenton District owned and operated a number of schools and buildings within the city. In 1970, Shiloh Schools (formerly Wayne Township and Seven Mile) joined with the Trenton schools and became the current Edgewood School District, with the opening of the new high school on Oxford State Road. Edgewood Middle School was completed in 1992, and the district’s elementary buildings were then remodeled and refurbished with additional classrooms. The original high school was also updated with the addition of 22 classrooms, a new gymnasium, and an auditorium. In August 2012, we entered into a new era with the construction of a 215,000-square-foot state-of-the-art high school building at the south end of Busenbark Road. This building was equipped with 21st-century technology to provide resources for our students and teachers that align with today’s educational standards. We are proud of our past, busy with the present, and excited about what the future holds for the Edgewood family. Source: Through The Years, A Historical Compilation; written by Robby Miller, May 1979.
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Below you will find the Board of Education Meeting Highlights from Nov. 27, 2023, as well as the video link. Nov. 27, 2023, Board of Education Meeting Highlights Nov 27, 2023, Board of Education Meeting Video Link
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EECC Now Enrolling Preschool Students!
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EECC now enrolling preschool studnets ages 3-5 M-f $250.00 month 12:30 - 3:00
Thanksgiving Break!
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thanksgiving break nov 20 - 24 Wish you a wonderful thanksgiving break  students back on nov. 27
Tuesday's Tip! - Finance Department Edgewood City School District continues to look for opportunities to reduce expenditures. Although the district continues to deal with inflation, general fund expenditures were approximately $181,000 less in Quarter 1 FY24 compared to Quarter 1 FY23.
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comparison chart
SPECIAL BOARD MEETING NOTICE – RECORDS COMMISSION The Edgewood City School District Records Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, November 27, 2023. The purpose of the meeting will be for the Records Commission to approve the RC3 in accordance with O.R.C. 149.381. The Special Meeting will be held at 5:45 p.m. at Edgewood High School, located at 3045 Busenbark Rd., Trenton, OH 45067. This meeting will occur fifteen minutes before the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting.
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Use this link to view the Veterans' Photos submitted for 2023. Thank you to those who submitted photos to help Edgewood honor all who have served.
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Thank you veterans form edgewood city shcools with red white and blue graphics and flags
Notice to Bidders!
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A notice to bidders of a van for sale. We are accepting sealed bids for a mini van that is no longer needed for school purposes:  *2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Mini Van.   VIN# 2D8GP44L37R268130.   This van is reasonably valued as scrap metal/parts only Sealed bids will be opened at the Edgewood Board of Education Building , 3500 Busenbark Road, Trenton, Ohio on November 16, 2023, at 12:00 Noon
EMS Picture Retake Day is tomorrow (Thursday, October 26). To order retakes, visit and use event ID: EVTSGCPDP.
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Picture retakes
October 23, 2023, Edgewood Board of Education Meeting Highlights Below you will find a list of key topics addressed at the October Board Meeting. 1. All five board members present. 2. Mr. Risner gave the prayer. 3. Agenda was approved. 4. Scott Fussnecker, Director of Curriculum provided an overview of the State Report Card results. The district achieved an overall rating of a 3. Met state expectations – not district expectations. 5. Edgewood School District received $1900 in donations. 6. Field Trips were approved for FFA Convention and Choralier Competition. 7. Board updates on the following topics: a. Butler Tech b. Homecoming – great event c. FFA Award 8. Approved personnel items as presented: a. Administrative and Exempt Schedule as Presented Thank you.
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EHS front entrance
Tuesday’s Tip Edgewood City Schools Human Resources Department Did you know that Edgewood City Schools is one of the largest employers in the Edgewood School District?? With over 400 employees in the district, the Edgewood City Schools is one of the largest employers in the District. The Human Resources Department of the Edgewood City Schools is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and support of all staff in our district. More than one-quarter of our staff are graduates of the Edgewood City Schools, and nearly half of all our employees have/had children who call the Edgewood City Schools home. Did you know that the Edgewood City Schools has over 675 volunteers?? With over 675 fully vetted, active volunteers in the District, the Edgewood community gives back. The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining background checks for all volunteers in the district. If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the educational program such as field trips, or as a classroom volunteer, please contact the Human Resources Department at 513-867-3400 to schedule a background check. Did you know that we are looking for substitute staff?? We are currently recruiting substitute staff for all positions in the district. We are looking for substitute teachers, nurses, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, and cook’s helpers. Please contact the Human Resources Department at 513-867-3400 to schedule an interview.
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Edgewood City Schools will be participating in a Start with Hello week October 16th-20th. Click on the video link to see more details. Start with Hello
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details of what to do each day for the weekMONDAY, 10/16 Wear Green Monday!Wear green today, it is the official color of Start With Hello! We will be watching a video about Start with Hello today.Neon Tuesday! Wear your neon colors and brighten someone’s day by saying hello! Aloha Wednesday! Dress in your Hawaiian attire and say Aloha to at least 5 people you don’t typically talk to! Talk About It Thursday!Wear your favorite shirt as a conversation starter to mix and mingle with others. Ask others about their shirt!  Cougars Say Hello! Wear your Cougar gear!
Tenth grader Joey Colegate discusses how to become a certified lifeguard and work for the YMCA.
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student at YMCA hiring event table
Property reappraisals and updates are occurring around the state. In Ohio, property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of the property. Due to property value changes, Ohio has implemented a statutory process to reappraise property values every six years (sexennial reappraisal) and update property values in the third year after the reappraisal (triennial update).  The 2023-2028 Reappraisal and Update Schedule can be found here: Butler County is among the counties going through an update. The most recent update resulted in a median residential value increase of 37 percent. The Auditor multiplies the property’s taxable value by the total mill rate and divides by 1000. For taxation purposes, residents in Butler County are taxed on 35% of the real property’s appraised value. For example, a home valued at $100,000 will be taxed on $35,000. Other factors, such as owner occupancy and homestead credits, may apply. To assist with tax calculations, this calculator is available on the Butler County Auditor’s website: References Property value reappraisal and update schedule - Ohio Department of ... (n.d.).  Butler County. Butler County Auditor. (n.d.). 
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