Sign Language courses at EHS prepares 2020 Graduate for career in the Medical Field

2020 EHS graduate Samantha Schatzle was part of the first group ever in Edgewood's history to graduate high school with four years of sign language. Because of Mrs. Miller-Wilkes's excellent teaching, Samantha says she tested out of 4 ASL classes at The University of Cincinnati. She obtained her Deaf Studies Minor Degree in less than two years degree takes. 

“We are so very lucky to have such amazing teachers at EHS, and as a 2020 pandemic graduate, I never really got to say thank you. So...Thank you to Mrs. Miller-Wilke and all my amazing teachers at Edgewood High School for helping prepare me for college. You all know who you are!!! You are all near and dear to my heart ❤️!!!!! I will graduate next spring with an Associates's Degree in Radiology, get my “Big Girl Job,” and continue to finish my Bachelor's Degree. I know that having this extra degree in Deaf Studies will help me be more marketable. It also feels so good to have- when a deaf person comes in, they are in a silent world, and I know signing can help them be at ease during their visit to the hospital. Thank you for everything you all did to help me succeed!”