Effective October 1, 2017, students grades K-12 on paid or reduced-priced status will be allowed a yearly maximum charge of $15.00 for the school year. This charge balance is the responsibility of the parent and must be paid upon notification. No ala carte items are eligible for charging. The Edgewood City Schools Food Service Department will be responsible for maintaining charge records, and notifying the parent/guardian of outstanding balances and the need for payment, in conjunction with the school office staff/administration, via email, texting, telephone, or written documentation.

 Once a student has incurred $15.00 in meal charges (including breakfast and/or lunch charges) they will be given an alternate lunch consisting of a peanut butter or cheese sandwich, fruit or vegetable, and milk. They will incur a reduced charge at that time. Students may not charge breakfast or purchase ala carte items until the student lunch charges are paid in full.

  Families will be notified via email by their child’s school when meal charges occur,  allowing families the opportunity to pay the balance due and load funds on their child’s meal account for future breakfast/lunch purchases. The food service department will be in communication when your student’s meal account has reached a negative balance.  Once a student has reached the $15 threshold and is issued an alternate lunch, the school will communicate with you to ensure that you are aware of the negative meal balance and to develop a plan to address it.

  If your student currently has a lunch balance of $15 or more, you will be receiving communication from your child’s school administration in the next few days informing you of the negative balance and discussing plans to address it. 

Starting on February 1, 2023, we will begin strictly enforcing the $15 limit and only serving alternate lunches to those students above the $15.00 limit.  

  If you feel that you may qualify for free or reduced meal status, go to the Food Services Page on the website for more information and a link to the application.