Listed below are links to online resources to support our families with students who have special needs:

Alternate Assessment Information (Ohio Department of Education)

Properly Certified Teachers (Ohio Department of Education)

Ohio Learning Standards Extended (Ohio Department of Education)

Preschool Special Education (Ohio Department of Education)

Testing Accommodations (Ohio Department of Education)

Transition Planning for Secondary Students (Ohio Department of Education)

Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities


Scholarship Deadline Approaching: Anne Ford/Allegra Ford Thomas

High school seniors with an identified learning disability and/or ADHD are encouraged to apply. The deadline for all applications and supporting materials is November 6th. Information and how to apply can be found at www.ncld.org/scholarships

Updated Parental Rights Guide, effective August 1, 20017

see below for "A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education"

Next Step Transition Program

Edgewood City School is proud to introduce the “Next Step Transition Program.” This program is housed at Edgewood High School. It is designed to provide our young adults with disabilities the opportunity to gain individualized independent living and employment skills needed for the “Next Step” of their lives and assist them into their transition into adulthood. While the young adults are with us working on their internship in adulthood, we refer to them as Interns. All of the interns in the program have completed all graduation requirements prior to being accepted into the program. The “Next Step” classroom is designed to mirror a small mock apartment while providing space for work task skill building and money sense. Thank you to all those that have made this program’s vision a reality! 

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Next step transition program