Grade 7 Social Studies

Here are the state standards on which your child is currently working in social studies.

Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration

6. The changes in Europe that resulted from new ideas of the Renaissance

7. The impact that reformation had on the Roman Catholic Church

10. Describe how European economic and cultural influence increased through explorations,

conquests and colonization.

11. Explain how the Columbian Exchange reshaped previously unconnected societies in

ways still evident today.

12. Demonstrate how maps and other geographic representations can be used to trace the

development of human settlement from past to present.

13. Describe how geography impacts the movement of people, products, and ideas.

14. Explain how trade routes connecting Africa, Europe and Asia fostered the spread of

technology and major world religions.

15. Select examples of improvements in transportation, communication and technology

and explain how they have facilitated cultural diffusion among peoples around the world.

18. With the decline of feudalism, consolidation of power resulted in the emergence of nation states.

19. Explain why individuals, governments and businesses must analyze costs and benefits

when making economic decisions.

20. Discuss how the variability in the distribution of productive resources in the various regions

of the world contributed to specialization, trade and interdependence.

21. Explain how the growth of cities and empires fostered the growth of markets.

We encourage conversations about these standards so you can monitor your child's progress and understanding more effectively. Should you have any questions, please email your student's teacher by clicking on the Staff link on our Edgewood Middle School webpage, scroll down the list to locate the teacher and click on their email address, next to their photo. 

These standards will change as we move on to new material. Please check back often!