To the Edgewood City School Community and Guests:

It is my privilege to have been selected by the Edgewood Board of Education to serve as your treasurer for Edgewood City Schools. I have joined a team of dedicated professionals that are committed to the education and development of our school children. I will work closely with the Board of Education, superintendent, and staff members to oversee the financial health of this district.

As the chief fiscal officer of the Edgewood Board of Education, it is my responsibility to oversee the annual appropriations, payroll, fixed assets, purchasing, financial reporting, investing, and deposits, just to mention a few duties. To accomplish my tasks I have a team of devoted employees that assist in the day to day financial operations of the district.

In an effort to improve communications with our tax paying community, we will be posting and updating financial information on this website to help you understand the financial functions of our school district. It is our commitment to provide meaningful data that is accurate and easy to understand.

Please feel free to contact myself or any member of my team with questions, comments or suggestions that you have. I look forward to serving you and our school children.

Go Cougars!

Five Year Forecast

Holiday Message from the Treasurer, Randy Stiver

(posted December 21, 2018)