Technology Department

The technology department reports to the superintendent and supports both the educational and operational use of computer technology throughout the school district. All departments and offices rely on the daily operational stability of their computer systems, including connections to network resources and the Internet. All certified teachers and administrative staff are issued a wireless laptop computer and routinely use online grade books, electronic attendance reporting, school district email and numerous web resources to carry out their daily routines and required reporting responsibilities. Many of our teachers attend technology training and use 21st century tools routinely in their classrooms. Our students at all grade levels are accessing the Internet for research, communication and collaboration, and are using innovative digital resources on a daily basis. Teachers and students regularly use digital drop boxes and public network drives to transfer assignments electronically and access instructional resources district-wide.

Edgewood is a Google Apps educational institution.

The technology department provides daily support for:

  • Classroom technology integration support at all grade levels.
  • Technology curriculum support at all grade levels.
  • Support for Progress Book, Online Testing and various other technology-based student support and measurement tools.
  • Over 4400 staff & student computer accounts, Google accounts, and various other educational online accounts.
  • More than 50 mobile and fixed computer lab installations consisting of Chromebooks, Apple, Android and Microsoft devices.  District-wide supporting approximately 3000 wireless computers and tablets.
  • Printing services in classrooms, media centers, labs and offices.
  • A wireless infrastructure that covers all school buildings.
  • Network and Security services.
  • Point of Sale systems for food services throughout the district.
  • Software and technical support for the special education department, transportation department, food services department, security systems and HVAC systems.
  • Other services such as district surveys, administrative office support, and educational and infrastructure project assistance.

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