Athletic Hall of Fame


To establish a method for honoring Edgewood, Seven Mile, Trenton and Wayne's top student-athletes and individuals who have made a positive impact on the local community and to provide role models for today's student athletes. As a result, there will be an increased awareness and pride in Edgewood's athletes of the past and present.

Head of the Edgewood Hall of Fame Committee:

Chairperson Bill Melloh

Co-Chair: John Thomas

Non-Voting representatives


The selection committee is comprised of nine individuals who will serve for a two year term in the following positions:Athletic Director - (1)-Greg BrownCoaches (2) - One past- Mike Daley, One present - Scott ClemmonsBooster Club Representative - (1)-Pam CottleCommunity Representative - (2)-Alan Burley, Dave HazelwoodHall of Fame Member - (3) Shivonne Kiniyalocts, Bob Simpson, Gina FallIf the chairperson is the current athletic director, then a fourth coach will be selected as the seventh member.The selection committee will assign the following tasks to various members:Media Coordinator: Communicate with the local media about the induction ofmembers to the Athletic Hall of Fame.Banquet Coordinator: Location and arrange for the dinner.Awards: Purchase the plaques for the event.Secretary: Record and present the minutes of each meeting.Treasurer: Arrange all financial aspects of this project.Nomination Coordinator: Advertise and distribute the necessary forms eachyear to the appropriate groups so that nominations can be made.Host: Greet the individuals and coordinate the ceremony.Selection Process: All former Edgewood student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and administrators are eligible for selection into the "Athletic Hall of Fame."

SELECTION CRITERIA:Eligibility: Candidates must be nominated and submitted the Hall of Fame Committee

Athlete: EHS graduate will be considered after 10 years after graduation. Seven Mile, Trenton, or Wayne graduate may be nominatedEarned one of the following: Varsity letter, All League, All District, All County, All State, and or All AmericanSpecial consideration shall be given for record setting, or state championship, or accomplishments at the collegiate or higher level.Coach:Former EHS, Seven Mile, Trenton, or Wayne head or assistant coachMust have made outstanding contribution to the athletic program during his/her tenureOther factors shall be considered for coaches whose teams earned multiple league titles or district/regional/state recognition.Retirement from the position they once held at the school.SPECIAL NOMINATION:Athletic Booster, community member or business having made significant contributions to the athletic programs ever extended period of time.Nominations shall be considered on a case by case basis with no more than 1 selection per Hall of Fame year.


Candidates may be nominated at any time during the year. A nomination form can be obtained from the Athletic Director's office, Edgewood High School main office or this website, and at businesses in the Edgewood Community. In order for a candidate to be nominated, the entire form must be completely filled out and returned to the Athletic Director prior to November 1.Induction process:

  • Induction ceremonies will take place during the winter sport season date to be announced each year.
  • Candidates may be nominated at any time. Once a candidate is nominated, his or her nomination stays on file for 10 years and will be considered each year unless previously removed by the committee.

Induction Honors:

  • Dinner: An induction ceremony is open to the public. The ceremony/dinner will be held at Edgewood High School where inductees and their family and friends will be invited. Tickets may be purchased at the Edgewood High School Athletic office for $20.00. The inductee may have someone give a speech on their behalf to the honor and then the inductee will be afforded the time to speak.
  • Athletic Hall of Fame: A plaque will be presented to each inductee and a second plaque will be placed in the main gym lobby as a permanent reminder of the accomplishments achieved by the individual.

Financial issues:

  • The following costs will be incurred to start and run the "Athletic Hall of Fame" by the athletic department:
  • Purchase of two plaques for each inductee will be paid for by the athletic department. One will be given to the inductee and the other placed in the permanent location in the main gym lobby.
  • The cost of the inductee's meal will be covered by the athletic department.
  • All guests attending the banquet will pay for their own dinners.