​Edgewood to launch Stadium Renovation Project

Edgewood to launch Stadium Renovation Project

The Edgewood Athletic Department is pleased to announce its plans to update Kumler Field. The stadium, since its inception fifty-two years ago, has been a centerpiece of the school district. It is where the community has gathered for Friday night football games, track meets, soccer and lacrosse games, youth sports, and graduation. The facility hosts over 100 events annually. Great memories and highlights have taken place at Kumler Field. 

We are now at a point for the safety and wellness of our students; the turf and track must be replaced. The synthetic turf was installed over 14 years ago. Likewise, the track needs resurfacing. The district has budgeted accordingly to cover the necessary funds to address these needs. 

Given the expansion of both boys’ and girls’ sports in recent years, we need to update our stadium. This could include but is not limited to LED lights, additional locker rooms, expanding the weight room and concession area, adding end zone bleachers, increasing storage, and a new gateway. 

Our goal is to work with community partners and businesses to make this renovation possible through a marketing campaign. We will keep you updated on our progress.