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EMS Student, Camryn Huffman, Wins National Writing Contest

Here is the essay Camryn submitted, "Growing Up",


In the Scope magazine, there were 2 articles about growing up. Both characters in each of the stories go through their own, different feelings about growing up. In the first story, it's Ashley's 13 and a half birthday. She feels ecstatic and cheerful about growing up and experiencing her future. For example, ¨Be a veterinarian and a movie star, and travel all over the world very glamorously and live life to the hilt.¨(p. 23) Also she said, ¨But when you get older, and you can do anything.¨(p. 23) Lastly she stated, ¨It just feels… older, at 13 and a half, she said. Things shift, subtly. You'll see.¨(p. 23) All of this evidence suggests that Ashley is very glad to grow up.


In the second article, Turning 10, it's also about growing up. Though, the narrator has some different feelings about growing up than Ashley in the first story. The narrator feels depressed, gloomy, and downhearted about growing older. For instance, ¨The whole idea makes me feel like I'm coming down with something.¨(p. 27) Another thing he said was, ¨And my bicycle never leaned against the garage as it does today, all the dark blue speed drained out of it.¨(p. 27) Lastly he stated, ¨This is the beginning of sadness, I say to myself, as I walk through the universe in my sneakers.¨(p.27) This clarifies that, the narrator in the poem was downhearted and depressed about growing up.


An example of how both articles are similar is because they both, at one point or another, are sad about their childhood going away as they grow up. An example of Ashley feeling like her childhood is going away is, ¨It feels like the death of my childhood.¨(p. 24) In the story, Turing 10, one example is, ¨This is the beginning of sadness, I said to myself, as I walk through the universe in my sneakers.¨(p. 27) The stories are different on a development of theme because in the first story, Ashley got over losing her childhood and began to enjoy herself again at the end of the story. But, with the other story, the narrator never developed that mood through it. He stayed in his mood of despair and depression about growing up.