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Manufacturing Day Field Trips for EMS

At ILS, students learned about cutting edge digital technology. They were given a tour of the plant, and participated in several standardization exercises to understand how critically important efficiency is to be a competitive, productive, and profitable company.  They were also given customized name tags and House labels to take back to school to share with every EMS student. The plant must maintain food safe standards, so everyone had to wear hair nets while they were inside the plant! An experience our students won’t soon forget!
FESTO, an international manufacturer, provided our students with the opportunity to meet the COO of the company, saw some very cool automation, and got to tour their manufacturing facility.  FESTO considers themselves the "Home Depot of Pneumatic" for the world!  The company also shared information about the career opportunities that will be available for our students in the future.  The tour ended with a pizza lunch for everyone! 
It was definitely a memorable and fund day for our students!