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Seven Mile Elementary Launches our Student Expectations




Students who have demonstrated these Expectations during the first week of school were recognized as VIPs in front of the entire school. They were given front row seats and a special treat during the assembly.  Everyone was challenged to strive to be a VIP student so they could experience this special recognition as well in future assemblies.
Teachers performed skits on the "Right Way" and the "Wrong Way" of our new Expectations.  They also had a competition to create a "MonStar" and all the students got to vote on the best one.  
Students also learned sign language for each of the Expectations.
Before the assembly was over, everyone learned how they could earn Privilege Points to use towards special awards, like Lunch with Mrs. Harrison, or a Homework Pass or other great incentives.  There is also a super, special award that students can apply their points towards and it's a new bike.  One of our local business owners has generously donated a new bike for the student who earns the most Privilege Points this year.