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Update on School Safety & Security Tax Levy

Edgewood is currently performing a comprehensive safety and security assessment by an outside professional company, The DeSavato Group. This assessment will provide Edgewood with detailed information regarding equipment needs, system enhancements, training, and mental health services. The results of this assessment will provide recommendations, ensuring the decisions we make about safety and security are well-informed and validated verses making emotional, knee-jerk decisions.
Currently, safety and security expenses come out of our General Fund. This fund is used for all operational expenses needed to educate our students, including employee payroll and facilities. The new levy would provide funds to cover current security expenses as well as invest in additional equipment and services needed to keep our students and staff safe. The dollars currently used from our General Fund, to pay for safety and security expenses for our district, would be re-directed towards educational needs for our students.
During Monday's Board meeting, the Board also approve the elimination of the $50.00 student participation fee for extra-curricular activities. This change received immediate praise from our Edgewood families. This change will allow more students the opportunity to participate in school activities. With the elimination of the $50.00 student participation fee, we hope there will be greater support for the Safety Security Tax levy in November.