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Participation Fees Eliminated for Extra-Curricular Activities

This topic was presented by board member Tom York, who asked the Board to consider eliminating this fee for students. He said every student should have the chance to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as they wish when they are in school. The participation fee can be the deterring factor to allow this to happen.
Superintendent Russ Fussnecker stated, “Eliminating the participation fee clears the way for so many of our students who really want to play, but can’t afford to. By removing this financial obstacle, we clear the way for our kids to get involved. When kids are involved in a sport or activity, it creates unity, self-confidence, and friendships. All of these factors create a healthier environment for our students. In turn, it also reduces bullying, making Edgewood a safer school”. The Board agreed that clearing the way for students to participate in these activities, such as sports, marching band, Choraliers or an academic team, can only improve a student’s sense of belonging, accomplishment as well as creating friendships and school pride.
Randy Stiver, Edgewood’s Treasurer, said the participation fees were started when the district was in a critical financial situation. Since that time, participation fees remained in place. Edgewood uses the fees to cover transportation costs. Stiver stated eliminating the participation fee will not impact our ability to transport our kids to and from their games or performances.
“This is a great opportunity for all our kids who want to play, but couldn’t afford to because of the participation fee. We have a lot of kids who participate in multiple activities, each requiring a $50.00 fee. Removing this fee from a family’s financial burden will be a great benefit for any student who wants to play, but could not.” said board member Amy Ashcraft.
If any participation fees have been paid for the upcoming school year, email Shari Cifuentes at: shari.cifuentes@edgewoodschools.net for a refund. Please include the name of your child and which activity was paid.