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DECA District 4 Competition Results

State Qualifiers & Award Recepients:
Emma Allen-           1st place in Principles of Finance
Becca Smith-           2nd place in Principles of Finance
Samuel Street-        3rd place Business Services Marketing Series
Gracie Henderson-  2nd place Hotel and Lodging Management Series
Hannah Harrison-    3rd place Human Resource Management Series
Bekah Moore-          3rd place Marketing Communications Series
Erin Heidorn-            4th place Retail Merchandising Series
Amber Moore-          4th place Sports & Entertaiment Series
Ashley Shannon-      2nd place Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
Elijah Beeler-            1st place Business Finance Services
Jacob Insprucker-     3rd palce Business Finance Services
Cortnee Love & Maddie Wirtley -   3rd place Buying and Merchanding Team Decision Event
Award Recepients at District Level:
Madison Westerfield-  4th place Principles of Marketing
Conner Beckman & Ekiko Besingi-    5th place Hospitality Services Managment Team
Mason Whiteley-      5th place Principles of Business Management & Administration
Kaley Chasteen-      5th place Marketing Communications Series
Tyler Began-            5th place Business Services Marketing Series
Chase Barker-         4th place Personal Financial Literacy
Aaron Williams-       5th place Personal Financial Literacy