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Just One Week Left to Register for Our 1st Physical Wellness Challenge

It's simple, the team who scores the highest average touchdowns wins! Our team is the entire staff together at Edgewood. We are competing against other schools.

120 Steps = 1 Touchdown

Challenge Goal: 7,500 steps per day (that's 63 touchdowns!)

Score a total of 1,750 touchdowns (210,000 steps) by the end of the challenge and log your steps each week.

For more information about the Step Into The End Zone Challenge, visitepcwellness.org.

Participants who successfully complete the challenge by meeting the challenge goal of logging 52,500 steps each week will earn 100 Wellness Dollars.

If you have questions, e-mail questions@epcwellness.org or call 844.283.8779.
If you do not wish to participate in a physical challenge, you may register for two online health workshops to meet your wellness program goal and earn the $100.
Everyone must also complete the online personal health assessment at epcwellness.org.