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Miss Ohio to Visit Edgewood Friday, August 25

Miss Ohio, Sarah Clapper, will be visiting Edgewood City Schools to spend time with students, deliver presentations on “Habitudes” at Edgewood High School and present the Game Ball at Edgewood’s first home football game of the season. 

Ms. Clapper has partnered with Growing Leaders, a global non-profit organization that strives to equip educators, coaches, leaders and parents with practical life and leadership skills to impart on students, young adults and athletes, which can translate to all area of life. Growing Leaders developed Habitudes, an image-based curriculum to form leadership habits and attitudes, which proactively develops a strong foundation of personal identity and value through both leadership skills and service. Ms. Clapper is a certified Habitudes Facilitator. She will be presenting to Edgewood Student Leaders at 10:30 am on Friday and again at 2:00 pm to the Freshman class.

Miss Ohio also plans to visit the other schools within the district on Friday afternoon and then will be at Kumler Field at 5:45 pm for an autograph session. She will then present the Game Ball prior to kickoff for our first football game of the season against the Monroe Hornets. 

Photograph of Miss Ohio courtesy of Matt Boyd Photography.