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Press Release


Edgewood City School District has announced the release of their Strategic Plan that highlights the district's strategies to meet their beliefs and mission in all areas of future planning, activities, and initiatives.


"Since October 2016, the Edgewood Board of Education members and key district leaders have been meeting to create a strategic plan that will lead the Edgewood School District to a fruitful future, with the school mission at the heart of all our decisions. Our new mission statement is meant to be the unifying force throughout our community," said Russ Fussnecker, Edgewood City Schools Superintendent.


The Edgewood City School District's new mission statement is "to ensure all students succeed as lifelong learners and productive citizens, through challenging and meaningful learning opportunities distinguished by: a dedicated team of students, staff, parents, and community; a safe, well-maintained learning environment; a climate of innovation."


The inception of the strategic planning began last fall when Fussnecker recognized a need for a fundamental redesign of the way the district made decisions. Instead of focusing on small, incremental district improvements, Fussnecker wanted to improve the district in a big way by focusing on high-quality learning where every student has an opportunity to learn and flourish.


"Our objective was to provide a better education for all of our students, which meant we needed to (1.) develop a strategic plan by which the district can continuously create systems to serve its unique, extraordinary purpose and (2.) ensure the district dedicates all resources and energies towards our mission of cultivating lifelong learners and productive citizens," said Fussnecker.

Fussnecker commends the Edgewood Board of Education for their vision and support in commissioning the plan and believing in the philosophy and development of Strategic Planning.


The Strategic Plan identifies five key strategies (below):

  • Strategy #1: We will ensure learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and challenging for all our students.
  • Strategy #2: We will provide high quality environments that are safe and promote social acceptance.
  • Strategy #3: We will establish and sustain a communication plan that generates trust and productivity.
  • Strategy #4: Edgewood City Schools will operate in a spirit of innovation.
  • Strategy #5: Together we will inspire students, staff, parents, and community to commit to the vision and mission of the Edgewood City School District.
An outcome of the Strategic Planning process identified the need for a Public Relations Director for the district. "This is a tremendously exciting time for the district and I am excited to serve Edgewood City Schools in this capacity", said Pam Pratt, newly appointed Public Relations Director and Edgewood alumni. "Recognizing the accomplishments of our students and faculty as well as improving communications within our community will significantly elevate Edgewood's presence."